Simple Phrases

E = English, V = Vietnamese, P = Pronunciation

E / Hello
V / Xin chào
P / Sin chow

E / Goodbye
V / Xin chào
P / Sin chow

E / Please
V / Làm ơn
P / Lamb urn

E / Thank you
V / Cám ơn
P / Gam urn

E / Yes
V / Dạ Vâng
P / Zaa Vuhng

E / No
V / Không
P / Kolm

E / Sorry
V / Xin lỗi
P / Sin loy-ee

E / How are you?
V / Khỏe không?
P / Kwoe kolm?

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2 Responses to “Simple Phrases”

  1. Kham Kok says:

    i am new vietnamese learner. this is really helpful but i wish u post more vn lessons

  2. Anonymous says:

    Dear Michael,

    "Hello" is the most difficult term to translate into Vietnamese, I think. We simply do not say "Xin chào" unless we are giving a speech or addressing a crowd.

    Some people translated "hello" as "chào", and plug in the person's name or title after the word "chào". This is not correct either, as "chào" means "to greet". Do you go about and say "Greet Helen", "Greet Grandma", etc... in English? No. It sounds exactly that unnatural in Vietnamese when you go about saying "chào" whom and whom. Though, the word "chào" does get used in a more formal context, such as when you are introduced with someone and would like to say your first "hello".

    Thus, I still don't know how to translate "Hello". Nowadays, we are all saying "chào" as an effort to directly translate from the English word "Hello".

    Perhaps we shouldn't translate the word "Hello", but to imagine what one says in the same situation. If you see your friend Peter, and if both of you are Vietnamese, you would say "Peter!", and he would say "Michael!". That's a typical "hello" I observed in native Vietnamese among friends.

    To say hello to elders and people of higher positions (such as teachers, aunts and uncles, grandparents, managers, etc...), it looks like each situation is verbalized slightly differently. I hope you'll find out so we can learn from you.

    Thank you very much!

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