Hello There!

Chào Các Bạn! Which literally says, 'Hello Friends' (corny, I know) but basically means, 'Hello There!'.

My name is Michael Nguyen, I'm from Sydney, Australia and welcome to my blog 'Learn Viet', dedicated to teaching Vietnamese for beginners.

My aims are to make the content as clear as possible, in order to minimise any confusion and to ensure to add content that's handy and relevant in everyday life.

Hopefully, with plenty of practice and patience, you will soon be comfortable with speaking, reading and writing Vietnamese.

Through learning the Vietnamese language, I also hope you'll have a clearer insight into the rich and traditional culture of Vietnam.

A final note, hope you enjoy reading and I'd really appreciate any feedback and also be glad to answer any questions.


Michael Nguyen.

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1 Responses to “Hello There!”

  1. Noriaki yoshie says:

    Xin chao anh Micheal!
    I find this site is accessible for a very beginner like me... Thanks!

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