Asking where someone is from or what their cultural background is, is always a great way to start a conversation. A lot of countries don't actually have names in Vietnamese but rather are just pronounced in a native way.

A bit of research showed me that a lot of these countries have a Han-Viet name and not everyone is familiar with them. So instead, I present the common, most familiar name for each of the countries.

Please refer back to the post on Addressing People, in order to answer and ask questions correctly.

V = Bạn từ nước nào?
P = B'an' (as in t'an'trum) teu neurk now?
E = Which country are you from?

V = Tôi từ...
P = Toy teu...
E = I am from...


V = Bạn là người nước gì?
P = B'an' lah nguh-ee neurk zee?
E = What is your nationality?

V = Tôi là người...(remove the word 'nước')
P = Toy lah nguh-ee...
E = I am...


V = Nước Úc
P = Neurk 'Oo'p (as in p'oo'l)
E = Australia

V = Nước Ba Tây
P = Neurk Baah Tey
E = Brazil

V = Ca-na-da / Gia Nả Đại
P = Ga-na-da
E = Canada

V = Nước Trung Quốc
P = Neurk Joom Gwook
E = China

V = Nước Anh
P = Neurk 'Ang' (as in s'ang')
E = England

V = Nước Pháp
P = Neurk Fahp
E = France

V = Nước Đức
P = Neurk Deuk
E = Germany

V = Nước Hồng Kong
P = Nuerk Holm Kolm
E = Hong Kong

V = Nước Ấn Độ
P = Neurk Uhn Door
E = India

V = Nước Inđônêsia
P = Neurk In-door-neh-see-ah
E = Indonesia

V = Nước Ái-len
P = Neurk Eye-lehn
E = Ireland

V = Nước Ý
P = Neurk 'Ea' (as in 'ea'sy)
E = Italy

V = Nước Nhật Bản
P = Neurk Nhuh-t Bahn
E = Japan

V = Nước Hàn Quốc
P = Neurk Hand Gwook
E = Korea

V = Nước Mã Lai
P = Neurk Mah Lie
E = Malaysia

V = Nước Mêhicô
P = Neurk Mê-he-gaw
E = Mexico

V = Nước Niu Di-lân
P = Neurk Nee-ew Zee-l'un' (as in n'un')
E = New Zealand

V = Nước Phi
P = Neurk Fee
E = Philippines 

V = Nước Nga
P = Neurk 'Ng'aa (as in si'ng')
E = Russia

V = Nước Tân Gia Ba
P = Neurk Tun Zaa Baa
E = Singapore

V = Nước Mỹ
P = Neurk Mee
E = USA 

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2 Responses to “Nationalities”

  1. Kenneth Lee says:

    Hi Michael,

    Great stuff you have going on here.

    Wonderful to meet another who is willing to share the love for the Viet language.

    I also run a Viet learning forum at

    Do pay me a visit when you are free



  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Michael

    Good blog, but I think it should be
    "Bạn là người nước nào?"


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