Vietnamese Cuisine

Chào các bạn.

I though for this post we'll look at the key ingredients that go into Vietnamese food. I've grown up with all these flavours and any Vietnamese household would have a good supply all year round. If you've never had Vietnamese food, go out to your local Vietnamese restaurant. It's not posh but down to earth and makes for good eating. 

V = Nước mắm
P = Neurk mum
E = Fish sauce

A clear salty sauce used for flavouring savoury dishes and for dipping.

V = Xì dàu
P = See zoh
E = Soy sauce

Soy sauce is also used to flavour dishes and as a dipping sauce. 

V = Cơm
P = Guhm
E = Rice

Good ole rice. As a kid, I was taught that there are two names for rice. The first is cơm, used to call cooked rice while the other is gạo (P = gow), used to call uncooked rice.

V = Bún
P = Boon
E = Rice vermicelli

Rice vermicelli can be used in dry or soup dishes, but you'll have to boil/blanch it first. Either way, delicious and very good for you.

V = Bánh phở
P = Bang fuh
E = Rice stick (It never occured to me what it's called in English)

This sort of noodle is used specifically for phở or beef noodle soup. They come in dry or fresh packs, are notably flat as opposed to cylindrical and needs to be blanched before serving.

V = Bánh tráng
P = Bang chang
E = Rice paper

Rice paper is made by breaking down rice until it becomes a liquid. A thin layer is spread, steamed and dried. Before eating this, you have to soak it in warm water and then you can wrap all sorts of good things in it.

Fresh herbs are also well used, not only as garnishes but as condiments. As a kid, I use to hate the herbs that my mum put into her cooking but as I grew older, my taste buds developed and I became less repulsed by herbs.

Fresh Herbs = Rau Sống = Zow Solm

V = Sả
P = Ssah
E = Lemongrass

V = Rau ngò
P = Zow ngo
E = Coriander

V = Hành tây
P = Hang t'ey' in hey
E = Spring onion

V = Rau quế
P = Zow gwhere
E = Thai basil

V = Rau răm
P = Zow zum 
E = Vietnamese mint

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